New Guinea Singing Dog International (NGSDI)

Dedicated to Education, Preservation, Rescue, Responsible Ownership, and search for new bloodlines.

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Welcome to the home page of the NGSDI. We are a group of people dedicated to the preservation of the NGSD or Singing Dog. Our focus is not limited to NGSD's that have kept their pedigrees via the (zoo) ISIS system but all NGSD's in north America and beyond. With DNA testing available to determine a Singing Dog's purity we welcome all Singer owners to participate in conserving these very rare and undomesticated canines.


Our website will provide you with some information, education, photos, videos, the history of, and information about pup adoption along with  Current Rescues .

If you would like to learn about the day to day trials and tribulation of life with a NGSD please join us on either our  Facebook Page  or our  Yahoo Group  where you can network and chat directly with other Singer owners and learn first hand or ask questions from experienced Singing Dog owners.   

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To folks visiting this page who believe that they may have adopted a Singing Dog or Singing Dog mix should contact me directly thru facebook or email at . Please provide as much info as possible and include any photos and videos you have taken of your rescue/adopted dog. 
Thanks for taking interest in our passion. Tom Wendt (co-founder NGSDI)

Singer Performing in Concert - photo courtesy of: ellenmac11 @ Flickr

San Diego Zoo Pups - photos courtesy of: Paul & Kelly @ Flickr

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